Biography: NHOAH
by Marcus Barnes

A seasoned musical alchemist, NHOAH’s depth of experience and forward-­thinking approach to production means he sits comfortably at the centre of a venn diagram where the past and the future overlap. NHOAH’s production credentials date back to the early eighties, when he worked with prominent electronic music pioneers including Gareth Jones, the producer of Depeche Mode, Brian Pugsley/The Shamen and Bronski Beat. His radical outlook has earned him a glittering reputation, staying active and engaged with music under various guises; he’s been a producer, mixer, songwriter and an artist in his own right. In that time he has embarked on multiple musical expeditions, collaborating with artists in Argentina, producing for French pop acts and cooking up his own distinct sounds. Despite having so many years in the game, the fire of NHOAH’s musical passion continues to burn brightly as he maintains a consistent output, performing live across the world and  cultivating an impressive catalogue of releases. This includes his album West-­Berlin, which was released in 2018 marking a new phase in his multifaceted musical life. Now poised to unveil his brand new album, NHOAH’s decades-long career moves into new and exciting territory, as he continues his lifelong exploration of sound and vibration…

Based at two of Berlin’s best-­known studios, Tritonus Studio and Hansa Tonstudio, he established himself as an exceptional songwriter and mixer, laying the foundations of a career that has spanned four decades. Throughout the eighties and nineties his dedication to electronic music continued, culminating in the conception of record label and artist management company R.O.T respectortolerate in 1998. NHOAH’s insatiable hunger for creativity and musical projects has led to a long list of achievements and daring projects. At the last ever Love Parade in Berlin, for instance, NHOAH’s Electromarsch Remix of ‘Was es ist’ by Mia became the special track for the whole parade. All the floats traveled around the Siegessäule in Berlin while the whole soundsystem pumped out the music for all dancers.This incredible moment only happens for one special track at each Love Parade and for NHOAH, it was a career‐defining moment.

NHOAH hit the reset button in 2018 and reinvented himself as a solo artist, focusing his energy on contemporary house and techno. Inspired by developments in production software, he found himself rejuvenated, channeling his renewed zest for producing into an album entitled West-­Berlin, which was released in 2018. Since the album dropped NHOAH has continued to move forward as a solo performer, performing his live/DJ hybrid show in numerous locations across the world and dividing his creativity between studios in Vienna and Berlin. NHOAH’s years in the game give him an intuitive understanding of the dance floor, creating club-­focused cuts that move your body, mind and soul with their captivating rhythms and transcendent melodies.

Recent achievements include a live performance at The Steelyard/London, at Berghain’s Kantine in April 2019, plus his stunning ‘Stairway to Nothingness’ live concert, which took place on a glass stairway, suspended 9,000ft above ground on the Dachstein Glacier in Austria. The performance was streamed via BE-­AT.TV receiving over 300,000 views so far. In another daring, provocative appearance NHOAH performed his yet unreleased album on the 12th floor of an open skyscraper in Vienna in 2019. The insane performance took place in a room with no walls during a violent storm. In footage from the outrageous show, NHOAH and his crew are seen being battered by high winds as he works his way through the live performance. With each live show NHOAH utilises an innovative combination of DJ techniques with live instrumentation, giving his shows a nuanced feel -­ each one different to the last as he improvises and adapts to each new situation, his years of experience as a drummer adding a whole other dimension to his performances.

NHOAH’s up-­coming LP as well as a series of single-­tracks centre on his global travels. Encompassing elements of tech house and melodic techno, the album is an audio diary expressing feelings connected to each place he’s visited while on tour. Berlin, Bristol, Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna are among the locations to which he dedicates his compositions. The music is emotive, compelling and guaranteed to make you move. Styles vary from mystical atmospherics on ‘Berlin Drums’ to the uplifting vocal, acid-­flecked ‘Bristol Said:In The Name’ -­ all the while he confidently maintains a distinct audio signature rooted in the dance floor, with crisp 4x4 beats and classic tech house tropes. It’s a sound that is reminiscent of Berlin’s old masters: DJ.T, Michael Mayer et al. The LP has received positive feedback from a broad cross-­section of electronic music luminaries including The Black Madonna, Digitalism, Mat.Joe, My Nu Leng, Kölsch, WhoMadeWho and many more.

At the core of NHOAH’s creative inspiration is the physical manifestation of music: dancing. His passion for movement, whether that’s his own or the people he’s performing for, is equalled only by his love for making music. With each new production he injects that raw, tangible energy that emanates from a human being when they let loose and express themselves freely through their body. As a result you can almost feel that same energy being transmitted by his productions, especially when experienced through a powerful soundsystem. So, dust off those dancing shoes, relax your body and mind, and surrender to total self-­expression.

An artist who has been through several incarnations throughout his lifetime, NHOAH is equipped with deep knowledge and experience, innate confidence and an ability to challenge musical boundaries with flair. In 2020, several years since he first started out, you can be sure that NHOAH will continue enriching electronic music culture with his innovative ideas and vibrant character...