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​NHOAH is mixing his new Album over the coming months.

His ​affinity for spaces and places is reflected in his music, and the accompanying set to ​“​Stairway To Nothingness - Glacier Concert’’ is no exception. Scenes characterised by overwhelming views of countless alpine summits, the glacier lends itself to artistic endeavour. Brimming with contrast, the video presents stark visuals of space, wilderness, uncultivated and uninhabited landscape laid over with ​NHOAH’​s textured patterns of chiming synths and electronic blips. The dizzying heights and pure majesty of the ​Dachstein Glacier juxtapose the tiny human figures, creating a sense of limitless freedom - much like the freedom found in music itself.
Speaking of the experience, ​NHOAH says: ​“It was an amazing experience to play live at 9000 feet above sea level. A year of planning, 10 people and just 2 hours at sunset to play the set - including many brand new tracks. I was very cold. It was not easy to play with shivering fingers in 6 degrees celsius. My instrument displays went crazy as well, but at the same time, my heart leapt for joy over the almost divine moment. The feelings we shared while we were performing were the perfect expression of what the music stands.